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Guinness World Records About Us

Extraordinary Achievements

Since our foundation in 1955, Guinness World Records has been synonymous with extraordinary achievements and astonishing feats, both human and natural. Our mission is simple: to inspire individuals and communities across the globe by celebrating exceptional human achievements and the extremes of the natural world.

Our Origin Story

Guinness World Records was born out of a friendly debate in a local pub in the 1950s. Sir Hugh Beaver, then Managing Director of the Guinness Brewery, found himself in a dispute about the fastest game bird in Europe. He realized there was a lack of a comprehensive reference to resolve such disputes, sparking the idea for a record book. The first edition of the Guinness Book of Records, intended as a marketing giveaway to promote the Guinness beer brand, was published in 1955. The book quickly gained popularity, and it was decided to publish it annually. In no time, it became a global sensation.

What We Do

Today, Guinness World Records serves as the ultimate global authority on record-breaking achievements. We work with leading global brands and businesses, individuals, governments, and communities to create bespoke record-breaking campaigns that engage audiences and enhance brand value. We also offer our readers and followers exciting ways to apply for and participate in record-breaking.

We pride ourselves on our rigorous and objective verification process. Each record application we receive undergoes an in-depth review by our specialized Records Management Team, ensuring that every achievement we acknowledge is genuine, unique, and pushes the boundaries of human endeavor.

Our Impact

We are committed to showcasing diversity and inclusivity through our records, aiming to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to discover their potential. Our records range from the fantastic to the far-fetched, the monumental to the minute, reflecting the richness and variety of human achievement.

Looking Ahead

Our history is not just about documenting and commemorating the past; it's also about inspiring the future. With our ongoing commitment to innovation and discovery, we continue to support and celebrate those who challenge limits, break barriers, and redefine the boundaries of what is possible.

Our Values

Integrity, Respect, Inclusivity, and Inspiration form the core of our values. We aim to inspire people through our records, while also respecting and validating the incredible efforts of record holders.

Our work at Guinness World Records goes beyond record-breaking. We bring together communities, spark conversations, and inspire individuals to dream big and realize their potential. Join us as we continue to celebrate the extraordinary and push the limits of possibility.