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Guinness World Records books are your ultimate source of jaw-dropping facts, incredible achievements and record-breaking feats.

Each year, our meticulously curated annuals bring together the most astounding and awe-inspiring records from around the world. From the tallest structures to the fastest cars, the Annuals showcase a wide array of human accomplishments, natural wonders and technological marvels.

Inside the Annuals, you'll find vivid photographs, captivating stories and in-depth descriptions of record-breaking achievements. Immerse yourself in the world of extraordinary accomplishments as you explore record categories spanning from sports and entertainment to science and technology.

Whether you're a trivia enthusiast, an aspiring record-breaker, or simply curious about the amazing feats of human achievement, the Guinness World Records Annuals are your gateway to a world of wonder and inspiration. Uncover the exceptional and be amazed by the extraordinary with each page you turn.