We currently only delivery to customers in the U.K. Deliveries to customers in the U.K. shall be made by Royal Mail.

Delivery charges
Delivery/shipping charges will be calculated and added to your order during the order process.

Delivery Times
We estimate that your goods will be delivered to you 3 to 5 business days after your order (i.e. excluding weekends and bank holidays)

Track your delivery
If you would like to track your delivery, please contact our customer services team for your tracking number.

Missed deliveries:
If you miss a delivery, please contact the carrier to rearrange delivery or find out how to collect the products. If, after a failed delivery, you do not re-arrange delivery or retrieve the products within the time stated by the carrier in their delivery note, you may be charged for any storage costs and any further delivery costs that result from the failed delivery.

Lost deliveries
Deliveries are not considered lost unless they have not been delivered to you by fourteen (14) days after the latest expected delivery date. If your products have not been delivered after this time, you may contact customer services to report your products as lost and if, on the basis of any evidence they may reasonably ask you to provide, our customer service team are satisfied that your claim is genuine, we will reimburse you for the lost products.

Terms and Conditions
This page is for information only. For the full terms that apply to our deliveries, please see our Terms and Conditions here.